I’m a Busy-Buddy, and I Reach-Out First

What you send ~ Will come back;
What you sow ~ You will reap;
What you give ~ You will get;

What you see in others ~ Exists in you;
So Give out all the love you can and let your love shine through!

I attended a Life-Mastery seminar few years ago, and one of our chants for the entire duration was this – “I’m a busy-buddy, and I reach-out first”.

It’s ironic, isn’t it? But I tell you, the moment we started reaching-out to others, we made ourselves busy with our new-buddies. We engaged with them more authentically. The depth of conversations increased as we, together with those we reached out, communicate openly the actual state of being.

Since I joined Zero to Hero challenge, I discovered so many wonderful blogs. They are like treasures in the cove that when you start to dive-in, and linger a little longer, you will be amazed with the depth of wisdom and ideas that settled in there.

To give a bit of idea of what’s around here in World of Mymae in the days to come, read below the things that keep me sane in my new home.

Volunteering. This usually happens on a Friday or Saturday, the regular days-off here in my city. It’s when you have too much love on yourselves that you can’t wait to share it with others. And yet I may still need well-spring of inspirations. I already found few of those blogs, and will find more.


Countless number of balloons make a huge change on the view of the sky, compare to one

Cultural Exchange. I always meet strangers, and in one meetings or another, it’s an opportunity to gain friends. I am involved in this cultural group, attended by many people who, not only are interested with small talk, but are also getting into insightful discussions about  cultures, traditions, and even teaching or learning languages other than their own.


Language and Culture Exchange

Photo Journal. I mentioned in my previous post that I had started with photography few years ago. But I had to sell it to fund my relocation here in Dubai. It took me a year to buy a new one. I am using a Canon digital camera on this journal, which I am content with the quality of photos I had taken. All the photos that are included in this post were taken by this digital camera.


From deserts, to green bushes, to skylines

Arts and Crafts. It’s probably not my own work of art, but will definitely try my hand on it. I find this new interest of visiting art galleries, and exhibits, and so I’ll be making posts of my discoveries, and hopefully can feature some artists. Also, I find a new joy in writing letter mails and sending them in the post. If anyone is interested to be my pen pal, let me know in the comment below. Let’s bring back the “old-school” communication. I just sent-out a reply letter to a new pal from Canada.


“If you hear a voice within you saying, You are not a painter, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.”

Health and Fitness. I’m so lazy at this, but I keep on reminding myself that I need to invest on this activity. I certainly need plenty of ideas, much more to mention – discipline – on this matter. For bloggers who are into healthy stuff, yoga programs, fitness routines – consider me your fan.


You can set yourself up to be sick, or you can choose to stay well.”- Wayne Dyer

I would like to express my gratitude for everyone who follows this blog, and those who expressed their thoughts in the comments. It’s a challenge, at the same time, a source of inspiration – that someone out in this blogosphere is wanting to hear what I have to say. Happy writing! Enjoy liking! Have fun following! Love commenting!



A Penny for Thought. A Nickel for Like. A Dime for Follow.

Blog Ideas - In Folder Form

Blog Ideas – In Folder Form

Have you thought what I had been thinking? Let’s travel back in time, and have a sneak peek what thoughts were played when this blog came to be:

Year 2008. 
I left my job in a Christian school, a community that inspired me back to read books, and to scribble words.
But as I mentioned here, It was forgotten as I went.
Then it dawned on me those tendencies where we tend to put a barrier around us, and put a signage of
“NO TRESPASSING – PRIVATE PROPERTY” to detach ourselves from outside world.

Year 2010.
I was very slow to adopt on new settings and environment and people.
How deep are we willing to go, and how far are we willing to travel to connect to what truly matters? 
It took me a while to get-up on my knees and be focused on what’s more important – to live life fully each day.
Gratefully when I did, blurry dreams became vivid visions.

Year 2011.
I acquired my first-ever camera, and dived into photography to capture whatever fancied my eyes. I felt something so magical in every photos I’ve seen, and thought to record all moments that matter.
We do have too many concerns and struggles in life, and that we attempt to resolve them – – – for some a leap of faith,
and to others a trust to Mighty One, and to some others through introspection.

Since then, with no idea with creativity, I expanded my boundaries on that arena, and started a Deviant Art profile.
While I looked upon those photos, words just jumped out of my head,
and presented themselves into a form of poem or prose or quotes.

Year 2012.
I signed up in WordPress with a clairvoyant attitude; I scanned my hard drives for valuable photos; I categorized them into folders as you see in the photo above. Alas! It ended before it even began.
They said that if you flex your attitude enough, possibility is – you bounce back.
I had reached the bottom-line in my life somewhere; had stood-up from that fall of what I thought the worst path i had taken.

Year 2013.
There are events in our life that would happen unexpectedly, which was actually the result of what we decided and acted upon in the past. We would just be amazed that it has come.
I relocated to another country, felt at home in my new city, and found a new joy of discovering every alleys and highways. On this new journey, I found my way back into writing poetry as my solace of solitude. As you browsed through the archive, there were couple of entries posted. They were just handful experiences of my solo wanderings.

Year 2014. 
This year has come, with new challenges at hand. As I write my thoughts – hear me now –
Let us complete with patience the race that we set before ourselves.
Let me start mine with baby steps – NaPoWriMo poem a day and ZerotoHero post a day.

Say My Name. You Will Have Me.

Zero to Hero day 2 assignment is to re-think and edit the title and tagline we already have.

‘World of Mymae – Live! Love! Laugh!”

All this time, it had gone nowhere, and no direction of where to go. That is the main reason why I joined this community of Zero to Hero.

Given that, my name stays the same – World of Mymae! First, my name is Mae and adding a pronoun “My” makes it sounds more personal. Try to speak loudly these phrase – My Pen, My Phone, My Mom, My Friend. Then say this with me – “You are My-Mae”. It’s the World of My-Mae! By this time, you already own me. 😉

When you’re around with children between 2 to about 6 or 7 years old, you can observe that they become self-oriented, and very possessive. Piaget, a psychologist, described this stage as Egocentric, when they view things that are happening around them in only one point of view… theirs and all things they take hold of are theirs. That WAS probably me; I had lived in the world that i created for Myself.

The world that i made-up seemed to be a deserted place. Then I grow-up. All these years, the journey lets me discover what is there around me.  Every time I step forward, I leave footprints behind. And the beauty of these footprints depends on how I live every steps.

“If I can build a deserted world, then I can make an abundant one.”

World of Mymae – An Oasis of Laugh, Love, and Life

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, Oasis is a pleasant place that is surrounded by something unpleasant. It is a place that provides refuge, relief, and comfort; or a time and experience that is pleasant and restful.

In the long-term, this revived World of Mymae has no walls build, no boundaries attached, and can go anywhere my steps can go further. I am hoping that this drop of space in the blogosphere will be that pleasant place for all weary travelers. Perhaps, if you reached this point of reading this post, you have passed through the threshold of My World. I welcome you to Our World.