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Blog Ideas - In Folder Form

Blog Ideas – In Folder Form

Have you thought what I had been thinking? Let’s travel back in time, and have a sneak peek what thoughts were played when this blog came to be:

Year 2008. 
I left my job in a Christian school, a community that inspired me back to read books, and to scribble words.
But as I mentioned here, It was forgotten as I went.
Then it dawned on me those tendencies where we tend to put a barrier around us, and put a signage of
“NO TRESPASSING – PRIVATE PROPERTY” to detach ourselves from outside world.

Year 2010.
I was very slow to adopt on new settings and environment and people.
How deep are we willing to go, and how far are we willing to travel to connect to what truly matters? 
It took me a while to get-up on my knees and be focused on what’s more important – to live life fully each day.
Gratefully when I did, blurry dreams became vivid visions.

Year 2011.
I acquired my first-ever camera, and dived into photography to capture whatever fancied my eyes. I felt something so magical in every photos I’ve seen, and thought to record all moments that matter.
We do have too many concerns and struggles in life, and that we attempt to resolve them – – – for some a leap of faith,
and to others a trust to Mighty One, and to some others through introspection.

Since then, with no idea with creativity, I expanded my boundaries on that arena, and started a Deviant Art profile.
While I looked upon those photos, words just jumped out of my head,
and presented themselves into a form of poem or prose or quotes.

Year 2012.
I signed up in WordPress with a clairvoyant attitude; I scanned my hard drives for valuable photos; I categorized them into folders as you see in the photo above. Alas! It ended before it even began.
They said that if you flex your attitude enough, possibility is – you bounce back.
I had reached the bottom-line in my life somewhere; had stood-up from that fall of what I thought the worst path i had taken.

Year 2013.
There are events in our life that would happen unexpectedly, which was actually the result of what we decided and acted upon in the past. We would just be amazed that it has come.
I relocated to another country, felt at home in my new city, and found a new joy of discovering every alleys and highways. On this new journey, I found my way back into writing poetry as my solace of solitude. As you browsed through the archive, there were couple of entries posted. They were just handful experiences of my solo wanderings.

Year 2014. 
This year has come, with new challenges at hand. As I write my thoughts – hear me now –
Let us complete with patience the race that we set before ourselves.
Let me start mine with baby steps – NaPoWriMo poem a day and ZerotoHero post a day.

What Am I Getting Into

This blogroll has been around for quite sometime. But when you find months with higher number of posts, those were the days where I was involved with writing courses.

On one of those courses, I wrote an essay on how I get to dislike writing.

Here’s an excerpt:

“I remembered not any book-titles on wooden shelves, as we did not have those in our shanty home. I remembered not any book-characters from bedtime stories, as we were not told when lying on our hardwood bed.

I had grown in sub-urban community, among families and relatives in between years. And there were no introduction of love of books and reading. On my High School years, I lived independently, and far from the concept of “what a wonderful world” we have. I remembered! On my senior year, we had to write a journal for English class requirement. Life was hard on those years. And it was all transcribed in that little journal. After completion of that project, I resolved not to write about daily experiences.”

The thought of reading books, curating articles and scribbling words came alive after I finished university.

I volunteered on a Christian school started by the church I was involved with. With the use of International curriculum of individualized education, and incorporating Biblical characters and principles, it gave me inspirations. Finally, I found myself relieved and thought I am in the right place, with the right people, and with the right environment. There I encountered again “Literature”, this time the Christian Literature. I gained easy access to school library filled with books for all ages. Also, I was given the role to handle and supervise the Christian Literature subject.

I taught to inspire. The profession itself became an inspiration. Random mornings and random days, random notes were written. Those notes contained just about anything to lift a broken-soul, to motivate, to encourage, to congratulate, to confide, to appreciate. There were also notes to complain, to reason, to argue, to be mad. I started to scribble words and formed them into poems. I began to write phrases, and formed them into stories. I even had different notebooks for different purposes or writing.

But it never lasted. When I left that place, I forgot everything about my love of words.

Five years have passed …

As time passes by, many things will change – the people you meet, the places you visit, the experiences you go through. But I realized, as you travel time in days…, months…years…, every bit of your dreams rekindle, and it find ways for you to meet them again.

And that is what World of Mymae is all about.

Most of the existing posts on this blog is about my poetry. But since I get involve on the National Poetry Writing Month challenge, I will be moving all my personal poetry to Jewel of Creations. It’s newly created for that purpose, and for all of my writing projects.

World of Mymae will take on the journey of personal stories, travel experiences, and photo journals. I also love to collect articles I read from the internet, gather lyrics of my favorite songs, note movie titles I like to watch, and many other things under the sun. I’m pretty much excited to grow this personal space into a global community, that would reach to everyone of all ages.

“Let me be the change that I wish to see in the world.”

This article is in response to a new challenge called Zero to Hero that I’m taking on from The Daily Post. Today’s assignment is to write and publish a “who I am and why I am here” post.

Just have Your way in me …

Have Your Way


But you never said the road would be easy,
But you said that you would never leave.
And you never promised that this life wasn’t hard,
But you promised you’d take care of me.

So I’ll stop searching for the answers,
I’ll stop praying for an escape,
I’ll trust you God with where I am,
And believe you will have your way,
Just have your way, Just have your way

Your touch always…

Your touch always brings us to where we should be. In simple and gentle ways, the message of Your LIFE and LOVE is sent to us. Nothing can separate us in You.