Photo Challenge – Cee’s Which Way

Street of Cobblestones – Old Town, Ohrid MK

When words are written

In box of 150 characters 

Meanings’ lost in-between


Valentine Rose

So he bought  me a rose

He open the door to my heart that was hurt

And I notice his love by the look in his eyes

He’s gonna make things right

For the rest of our life

He’s gonna hold me tight

Do all those little things

For the rest of our life.

Cleanse Me

I always keep my pains, my struggles, my thoughts within myself. I never shared them openly as opposed to anyone who can just simply tell their own stories. It’s not that I don’t trust them with mine, but …

As when I start to hear my voice, 

      my words are broken, 

      my eyes wet, 

      my hands tremble, 

      my heart pumps faster than a race,

Until no words are to be spoken, and I’m left with a broken heart, a tortured thoughts that I could not understand why I blame myself of not having the strength of sharing my pains, my struggles. I just couldn’t. 

While i was in high school, one morning with our English class, our teacher required us to bring a journal notebook. Life was already difficult for me back then. I couldn’t afford to buy one. And couldn’t say it because I couldn’t accept in myself that I simply couldn’t  afford it. I was silent. But my seat mate had guessed it. She had guessed it that with my silence she knew that something was not right. But I hated her because she asked, “How are you? Do you have your journal?” I stared blank at her, then I left.

Those were all from the past. Those were the days of not knowing who I really am. Those were the times when I did not know that deep within me is a stronger self, there is a greater Self that is waiting to be acknowledged. 

I was introduced to Him. I was introduced to His Love, His Comforting Love. I was introduced to the One who knows all my pains and my struggles, to the One who I can tell all my pains and my struggles even though He knows it all. 

When I knew Him, I asked Him to cleanse me, I asked Him to make me anew, I asked Him to comfort me with all the pains and the struggles I am going through. I asked Him to cleanse me with all the thoughts and feelings that make me away from Him. I asked Him to hold me tight, but He said, “I am always here. I am always with you. I am always in you. Hold on to Me. Feel Me in you.”

I am a new person. I am a new being. I am cleanse by the Love of God. 

In Him, I am a new creation. All things are made anew. Like a spring of living  water that cleanses me through.

“I breathe and move and live in Him.”

NaPoWriMo Day 15 – Third Rate Romance

It is mid-autumn days
All leaves are tirelessly falling;
In this four-walled garden
Spring flowers are long forgotten.

Like a gazelle in the empty plain
A lover stands patiently waiting;
He hears his beloved’s voice
Yet wonders where it comes from.

‘Twas on that same plain
One spring afternoon, he remembers;
He laid down the ground for rest
While he closed his eyes to dream.

He felt a touched on his chest
And a sweet voice spoke to calm the sun.
Birds started their melancholy song
While the wind swayed to its rhythmic tune.

“We joined our feet together
And danced like no eyes had seen.
Our hearts captivated then,” confesses the lover,
“In that world of magical dream.”

I used today’s prompt from The Daily Post. I may not have a funniest relationship disaster story to share with you (or any kind of relationship stories), which is the main goal of the prompt, but i hope I get the message across on this fictional “Third Rate Romance”, if you can call it that.