Learning Deutsch in Berlin

I have been thinking of sharing this stuff or not, but I thought may be this can do more good than not doing anything at all. As how the universal law says: Ask and you will be give, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened.

Last week, I happened to attend an open house event from Goethi-Institut, Germany’s worldwide cultural and language institute. There were many guests, as they had baking sessions of the best and tasty German bread. They also held taster lessons of German language course, as well as level screening test.

I am currently learning German for the preparation of A1 exam, and you can read here what I know so far. It may be by chance that I went to the event, because they are giving away prices to the attendees. One of that is a free 2-weeks German language course in Berlin.

To win that price, they are running an instagram contest with my entry here . Whoever gets the most “likes/hearts” will be on his/her way to Germany for the said course. It is my desire to get that chance, and so I’m having this courage to share that intention here and to reach out to those who can give a minute of their time and a big heart for this photo here.



Weekly Photo Challenge | Road of Twists and Turns

Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road, Al Ain

Can you guess how many turns this road has?
The Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road extends for 7.3 mi (11.7 km) up the mountain, rising 4,000 ft (1,219 m). Known to be one of the best driving roads in the world, it has about 60 turns and three lanes (two climbing and one descending).
This photo was taken from a recent trip to Al Ain City in Abu Dhabi for a day tour.

Wordless Wednesday: Sight For Keeps

NaPoWriMo Day 28 – In a Galaxy Not So Far

Image Credit: Abdel-Krim Kallouche/Xpress
Fan base: Fans of Star Wars in the UAE enacted scenes from the movie in the Dubai desert

sun’s simmering best
 and the hot sands,
 blowing in your face,
 at its unforgiving worst

almost nonchalant robotics
 in an intricate array
 one is Chewbacca - a ‘gentle, hairy,
 non-English speaking’ wookiee

there is Stormtrooper, the main ground
 force of the evil Galactic Empire,
 in all-white tin-like suit, together
 with the fellow ‘legionnaire’

physically very demanding
 love emulating, passion replicating
 small storeroom-turned-workshop
 to replicate costumes of their favorite Star.

And today from NaPoWriMo is to find a news article, and to write a poem using (mostly, if not only) words from the article! We can repeat them, splice them, and rearrange them however we like.

I browsed in Gulfnews, and the article “In a Galaxy not far, far away” caught my attention. With the crew of Star Wars camped in the desert of Abu Dhabi, team of fans recreate their own version of movie.