Day 8: Caterpillar on the Tree Branch


Caterpillar, caterpillar

Where are you going?

Crawl, crawl

Will you fall off?

Hairy, hairy

Your skin is so furry

Itchy, itchy

Stay away from me!!!

Eat, eat

Make fat in your belly

Rest, rest

Find a leaf for a blanket

You’ll be, you’ll be

Beautiful butterfly for us to see!!!

Day 6: Tik-tak-tik-tak – Reminds the Clock






Two blessings.

Where did they go?

Where your treasure  is; There your heart  also.

Day 5: Flashing Smile of a Gentle Child


Dazzling smile.
Eyes glittering.
Cinnamon skin.
Beauty stunning.

When you smile,
The world cease to round.
I see your eyes
And I see joy abound.

I stepped in your doorstep;
You wave, “Hello!”
And your smile says it so.

And when I bid farewell,
You wave, “Goodbye!”
Your eyes talking
As you see me go.

Day 4: Dancing With the Light

dancing light

Vibrant colors of greens and blues
Flashing crystals that capture stares
Love must be as much of that light
That one sees leave the shadows behind

When so much light within
It shows externally
Let your light shine. Be a source of strength.
Radiate love. Show compassion.

Day 3: Don’t Stop Believing – on Your Dreams

Don't Stop Believing...

Don’t Stop Believing…

Throw your dreams into the space like a giant kite
Sway by the wind to which ways it set
You never know what it will bring back in time
A new love, a new life, a new friend to treasure

Carve your dreams into the ground like a mountain rock
Strike by the storm it can always withstand
You whisper in your heart the seeds of fulfillment
The passion, the strength, the patience to pursue

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams
Live the life you always imagined
Don’t stop believing, no giving-up
Dare to always dream!!!

Day 2: A Personal Poem To All my Teachers


You believe in me
when no one else did
You see me
through the impossibilities
You tug and push and lead me
When I am in wander.
You hold your stick
And you poke me with truth,
That dreams and visions
Are mine to discover
And knowledge and wisdom
Are mine to seek.
With your enthusiasm and ingenuity,
You, my dear teachers, instill in me
The fun of learning, and
The love of adventures
You are a treasured gift to me
And I am Forever Grateful.

Day 1: Colorful Bubbles of Adventure

Day 1 - Photo Daily

Color your steps, dear child,
with bubbles of adventure.
Stand on your ground,
and flash the shades you carry.
When the day is gone,
and the night has come,
Keep those bubbles in your heart,
and dream away for the night.