What Kind of Flower Are You?

When I was reading blogs last week from my Blogging 101 community, I stumbled upon the posts from Karuna where she talked about her journey in the blogosphere. I love the theme of her blog as it centers on the lessons on living, learning, and letting go. Having conscious awareness on the lessons from all our experiences give our inner self the opportunity to grow into a more loving and caring character. “Lessons on lessons” is a direct and concise way of saying it.

Karuna’s post took me to “This Garden is Illegal” blog where they feature What Kind of Flower Are You? Quiz. I’d been liking Hyacinth and Lilies for a long time now, and curious if that confirms it. It has 20 questions which didn’t take a while to finish, and got the result below.

You Are an Echinacea

“You are a health conscious person, both your health and the health of others. You know all about the health benefits and dangers of the world around you.”

I couldn’t agree more. In my best possible way, living a healthy lifestyle is rewarding our body from doing the best job in order for us to enjoy what we are having. It is more of an holistic goal than a ritual or an obsessive need.

Echinacea flower belongs to the daisy family and commonly called coneflowers. One of the characteristics I like with these flowers is how they follow the sun. I observed this with daisies. They open-up once the rays of sun hit them, and then bends towards the direction the sun’s going.

I browsed my collection of flower photographs and found these two.

Looking through the header that I am currently using, the tiny flowers with of white petals and small yellow cones belong to this Echinacea family. I have been using it all along.

But my choice of flowers doesn’t end with Echinacea. Flowers are one of the beauties of nature. Most of them bloom in season or out of season, while some others survive in the worst times. The latter are of rare type.

“In this garden we called life, our friends are our flowers.”

If you’re taking the quiz, I would love to know what flower are you, and love to hear your thoughts. It’s a happy day!!!

6 thoughts on “What Kind of Flower Are You?

  1. I got a snapdragon too. I think it fits me in some ways, but I’m not all that mischievous. I do like to make people laugh though. This was neat quiz. Thanks for sharing it!


    • Snapdragon “Mischief is your middle name, but your first is friend. You are quite the prankster that loves to make other people laugh.”
      I love your phrasing, it has a musical quality.


      • That isn’t my test. I had written a post that included it during the 101 course and thought maybe you had taken it at that time.

        I am also a snapdragon and those two sentences were my favorite as well!


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