Look Up – A Spoken Word Poetry Film For Digital Generation

The National Poetry Month just concluded, and here goes a spoken poetry film that just went viral and still is after the release on 25th April – written, performed and  directed by Gary Turk.

Look Up.

It is a lesson taught to us to stop looking down through our digital screen, and switching-off the display. Instead, we lift our head up and see the surroundings to not miss any chances we can make to interact and communicate to those around us. With social media interaction, it can be the best and worst of times. When too busy looking-down:

We’re a generation of idiots, smartphones and dumb people.

The irony of digital connection is the need of real connection. The short film show us that being there in the moment truly matters.

We talk as we talk, while we read as we chat;
While we spend hours together but without eye contact

To watch the entire video below would never be a waste of time. But you’ll be glad you did.

 Some people like to live their lives as if it’s a ready-made playlist. I like to keep mine on shuffle.

Gary Turk

Bob, the Cell Abuser

10 thoughts on “Look Up – A Spoken Word Poetry Film For Digital Generation

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  2. I would love to use this in one of my English classes. It’s a great one for them to talk about and look at the language. If you do hear of a transcript please please post it on here. I would be eternally grateful!!!


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  4. This is awesome!! Thanks for sharing!! So true, we NEED to be connected with the people around us!! Truly connected!!


    • Thank you, Hugh! The message is really a hit. It takes social media awareness and education for the online generation to inhabit self-control. Whether we like it or not, there are good things digital devices have brought to us. Like the old adage says, “There’s always time for everything”, and too much of something is not anymore beneficial.


    • Sounds like a great plan. We all need to do that. 😉

      I don’t think the author has officially released the transcription, as nothing would show-up in the search engine. His website is still under construction, too. I tried as much as possible to transcribe the words, but I’m having difficulty due to the accent. haha! Maybe something will be made available in the coming days.


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