NaPoWriMo Day 28 – In a Galaxy Not So Far

Image Credit: Abdel-Krim Kallouche/Xpress
Fan base: Fans of Star Wars in the UAE enacted scenes from the movie in the Dubai desert

sun’s simmering best
 and the hot sands,
 blowing in your face,
 at its unforgiving worst

almost nonchalant robotics
 in an intricate array
 one is Chewbacca - a ‘gentle, hairy,
 non-English speaking’ wookiee

there is Stormtrooper, the main ground
 force of the evil Galactic Empire,
 in all-white tin-like suit, together
 with the fellow ‘legionnaire’

physically very demanding
 love emulating, passion replicating
 small storeroom-turned-workshop
 to replicate costumes of their favorite Star.

And today from NaPoWriMo is to find a news article, and to write a poem using (mostly, if not only) words from the article! We can repeat them, splice them, and rearrange them however we like.

I browsed in Gulfnews, and the article “In a Galaxy not far, far away” caught my attention. With the crew of Star Wars camped in the desert of Abu Dhabi, team of fans recreate their own version of movie.


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