NaPoWriMo Day 19 – Whimsical Night

It’s Day 19 and we’re going silly. NaPoWriMo prompt challenge is to use one or more of actual sea shell names from the list given to us. Guess what, it’s also a rubaiyat. I never thought sea shell names are that fanciful. Can you spot the names in the poem?


One dreary night in the empty basement

Leather Donax played with his new dart

Holding a Woody Canoebubble beer in one hand

He never noticed the angry Shoulderblade Sea Cat.

His body was hidden under the Heavy Bonnet

Impatiently looking with Unequal Bittersweet

Then popped from the Snout Otter Clam – 

A Triangular Nutmeg with Strawberry Top of heart.



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