Say My Name. You Will Have Me.

Zero to Hero day 2 assignment is to re-think and edit the title and tagline we already have.

‘World of Mymae – Live! Love! Laugh!”

All this time, it had gone nowhere, and no direction of where to go. That is the main reason why I joined this community of Zero to Hero.

Given that, my name stays the same – World of Mymae! First, my name is Mae and adding a pronoun “My” makes it sounds more personal. Try to speak loudly these phrase – My Pen, My Phone, My Mom, My Friend. Then say this with me – “You are My-Mae”. It’s the World of My-Mae! By this time, you already own me. 😉

When you’re around with children between 2 to about 6 or 7 years old, you can observe that they become self-oriented, and very possessive. Piaget, a psychologist, described this stage as Egocentric, when they view things that are happening around them in only one point of view… theirs and all things they take hold of are theirs. That WAS probably me; I had lived in the world that i created for Myself.

The world that i made-up seemed to be a deserted place. Then I grow-up. All these years, the journey lets me discover what is there around me.  Every time I step forward, I leave footprints behind. And the beauty of these footprints depends on how I live every steps.

“If I can build a deserted world, then I can make an abundant one.”

World of Mymae – An Oasis of Laugh, Love, and Life

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, Oasis is a pleasant place that is surrounded by something unpleasant. It is a place that provides refuge, relief, and comfort; or a time and experience that is pleasant and restful.

In the long-term, this revived World of Mymae has no walls build, no boundaries attached, and can go anywhere my steps can go further. I am hoping that this drop of space in the blogosphere will be that pleasant place for all weary travelers. Perhaps, if you reached this point of reading this post, you have passed through the threshold of My World. I welcome you to Our World.


4 thoughts on “Say My Name. You Will Have Me.

  1. Then say this with me – “You are My-Mae”. It’s the World of My-Mae! By this time, you already own me.
    – in my mind, i was silently repeating after you, my-mae, my mae..
    and you’re mine.
    nice one there.. thank you for sharing your self with the world. ill keep following your blog.


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