NaPoWriMo Day 14 – Too Many Questions

When can I see you?
Why have you not ask?
Why do I want to know?
When can you tell?

When can I find you?
Why have you not seek?
What do I like to know?
When can we meet again?

Have you found this man?
Was he here before dawn?
Have you seen his strength?
Where is his heroic daring?

Have you found this woman?
Was she here before dawn?
Have you heard her voice?
Where is her calming song?

Where have you been?
Why do you have to search?
What can you tell?

Day fourteen prompt from NaPoWriMo is named “Twenty Questions”. I already heard this phrase before, and is usually used as conversation starters. They may be couples who just started dating and on the stage of “getting to know each other”, people who just met for the first time, etc.. This term has been used, as well, in a game called “Pinoy Henyo” in the Philippines. Only that, in this version of Filipino game, it’s only answerable with Yes/No.

It was fun working with this prompt. I hope you enjoy reading it, as much as I do. 😉 If you have answers on those questions, you can send me through my email, or write in the comment box below. Have fun!



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