NaPoWriMo Day 10 – In My Eyes

Ceramics - Spice Souq

Ceramics – Spice Souq, Dubai

As i reached to embrace you, it’s the sweetest
And when i hold you, i don’t want to let go
Your presence comforts me, your love secures me
But how to let you know when no words i know

How to tell you i wanted to stay by your side;
How i wanted to cling on your arms;
Your touch heals me, your voice softens me
But how can I say the words when all i know

In my eyes, you’re the bravest;
In my eyes, you’re the loveliest;
In my eyes, you’re the best.
And in my eyes, you’re the rarest.

I call you ‘Mama’, and it sounds so sweet.
When i’m so stubborn, you’re patience immeasurable;
When i spread my wings, you let me fly;
And when i fell, you’re there to pick me up.

How grateful i am for the strength you give me;
I am always in awe for the love you shower me;
You’re in my thoughts, you’re in my heart;
And In My Eyes, We are Always One.

This poem is specially dedicated to my Mom, who is celebrating her birthday today. May she always be blessed, with happiness, joy, peacefulness, good health and love.


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