Rose – Tell Me What you Know

What’s with the rose?
Curling its petals open
As if called by the heavenly
I want to know, I want to hear!

What’s in the rose?
Beaming its crimson hue
As if tinted by the blood of life
I want to know; I want to hear!

How will i know? How will i hear?

I see your beauty like no other;
I touch your softness with its fragility;
I smell your breath that mesmerize me;
And I hear you whisper …

“Wherever your steps will bring you;
Whenever you dream away

Vulnerability to what comes,
Gentleness to act;

Grit from all disturbances,
Happiness to what becomes”

I take you with me, so i will know;
I hide you in me, so i will hear.
I give myself in, i open myself up;
From all the LOVE around me.

By: worldofmymae